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How to access the settings? (fall 2022 release)

ti-vim is a Menu bar app. You access settings from the ‘v’ logo in the menu bar.

Vim key is not working

  • Try setting the vim key to something else, and then back to your key in settings.
  • Check if all the karabiner processes are running
  • You can check if ti-vim modifications 1-12 are in ~/.config/karabiner/karabiner.json. In that file, search for ‘(ti-vim 1)’ – ‘(ti-vim 12)’. You can also check whether there are any conflicting manipulators for the ti-vim ones.
  • Try reinstalling the app. This might enable MacOS system permissions for Karabiner.
    • Uninstall ti-vim from the ti-vim app settings.
    • Restart MacOS
    • Install ti-vim again. Go through the install flow again. Check if you allow all permissions.

What vim modifications are enabled?

  • {vim_key} -> on, {vim_key}, esc, control+[ or any pointing_button -> off
  • 2-9 Number macros for w,e,b,h,j,k,l
  • visual: control+f/b/d/u
  • visual: aw,iw
  • visual: enter with v. exit with v, escape, {vim_key}
  • visual: h,j,k,l,e,w,b,0,^,$,gg,G,{,},d,y,c,x
  • normal: yiw,yaw,diw,daw,ciw,caw
  • normal: dd,de,db,d0,d^,d$,dgg,dG,d{,d}
  • normal: yy,ye,yb,y0,y^,y$,ygg,yG,y{,y},yj,yk
  • normal: cc,ce,cb,c0,c^,c$,cgg,cG,c{,c}
  • normal: x,X,p,P,u,control+r
  • normal: h,j,k,l (+ control/option/command/shift),e,w,b,0,^,$,gg,G,{,},control+f/b
  • normal: i,I,a,A,o,O, ctr+u/d,gt,gT,emoji

You can view the list in the Settings > Rules > Active Modifications

Other issues/feature requests

Please create an issue in the Github repository