How to use Vim in all MacOS applications?

I love to use Vim, but I can't be bothered installing Vim extensions for each of my apps. I just want Vim to be enabled everywhere.

ti-vim is a MacOS system-wide Vim mode.

Use hjkl, b/e, $, ^, dd and many more commands in vim, normal and visual modes. Insert mode is the default OS behaviour.

Use it anywhere

Truly system-wide. Can be used in the browser, text editor, text fields, anywhere where text is input in MacOS. ti-vim translates Vim commands to sequence of keystrokes that will simulate the Vim behaviour in the system.

Control the indicator

The indicator displays whether the mode is insert, normal or visual. User can position or resize it to any corner of the screen. Or hide it completely.

New in V2


Widgets, menu bar icon, ignore in apps, launch at login

• Fix settings view not visible in macOS 14
• Update Karabiner to 14.13.0

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Intel and Apple Silicon chips.
Supports MacOS Ventura+.
Free updates
Free widgets: Time, line/character selection count
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How does it work?

ti-vim is an app built on top of open-source Karabiner project. The bundle installs the unmodified Karabiner with app on top that manages the vim modes. Karabiner send sevents to the ti-vim app. More info in my blog post.

Why not use Karabiner only?

Setting up Vim mode with Karabiner can take a long time to get right. In addition, there is no visual Vim mode indicator, which would need to be written manually. With ti-vim, the installer configures the system with minimal user interaction.

Who is the developer?

I,Tõnis, wrote this app. I got interested in streamlining my workflow, and thus gotintroduced to Vim. In MacOS there was no universal Vim mode. Therefore I created thisapp.

Is there a refund option?

There is a money back guarantee for 7 days. Please reply to the purchase email with the license key and I will issue a refund.

How do I install it?

Check out the overview video on YouTube